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Closed : Monday

Full-Service Dinner:  only Thr/Fri/Sat

Delivery/Takeout : All days except Monday.

We are a hole-the-wall  experimental kitchen providing a platform to ethnic chefs to serve homestyle and authentic food. Though our main inhouse cuisine Indian, we also provide a platform for  families/cooks from other countries to showcase their passion for homestyle ethnic food. Currently we have friends from Jordan and Thailand serving respective cuisines.

Most often, we strive to introduce dishes that are authentic, served homestyle and not found in typical restaurant menus.  But ofcourse we also have the typical and popular dishes like Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer etc. Come try the Indian chef's Stuffed Eggplant, probably best in town Fermented Lentil Crepe (Dosa), Arabic chef's "lamb stewed in fermented yogurt" called -Mansaf"  and much more.

  • Indian Chef (Tue-Sun Dinner)

    Besides the best-in-town Dosa Chef Rajesh(of the masala nd india harvest fame), we also source recipes from members from the Indian community who are also invited to come in and cook one-off special dishes. Our Chef's picture is representative of street vendors from towns and cities across India, who have given us the best Indian food(next to mom, of course). We have a long way to go to make it as authentic as it can get. But we are on a mission here and hopefully we will get there.
  • Arabic Chef (Thr/Fri/Sat Dinner only)

    Our Arabic friend Enas is from Amman, Jordan. She cooks homestyle arabic meals like Mansaf, Kusa-bil-Laben and many other dishes celebrated back home but hard to find here. If you are looking for something authentic and not the typical shawarma/kebab/grilled meats piled on yellow rice. Give real home style food a try.
  • Thai Chef (Mon lunch only)

    Our Thai family is of the Sue-of-Siam fame. They are here on an experimental basis serving Monday lunch only, and have been received very well. We hope to have them with us for many more Mondays.